Cocos-BCX Establishment of Sri Lanka Community

End of the last year , Cocos-BCX hierarchy announced the creation of Sri Lankan community. This is as a result of the project to expand to other continents. Sri Lanka is one of the fastest adopters of cryptocurrency with Asia.

Following the successful launch of the Cocos-BCX, the team’s vision which intends to spread the project-wide across to other regions in the world, which will ascertain it’s popularity in regards to other top organizations widely known. Cocos-BCX expanding its outstanding services to other parts of Asia is a welcome idea especially that of southern Asia Sri Lanka.

By expanding the project to other continents, these destination marketing organizations tap into local experts. These local experts help planners and attendees connect with the local community, enriching the event experience for everyone.

The platform for the next generation of digital game economy. Cocos-BCX’ , fully named ‘Cocos BlockChain Expedition’, aims to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development, while bringing users a whole new gaming experience, unprecedented gaming status, and with all the assets obtained in the games being wholly owned by the users.

Cocos-BCX is building a development environment with gaming experience and game economics in mind. Game developers can easily migrate conventional games to the blockchain without the need to learn blockchain programming languages. The developers may also use the functions and components provided by Cocos-BCX or third-party teams to build game economy infrastructures such as non-fungible token (“NFT”) exchanges, pawn shops and banks. Cocos-BCX aims to make more games available to players, and allow players to better manage their virtual assets.

Cocos-BCX enables inter-chain and inter-domain asset exchange by providing multi-chain compatible asset standards and cross-domain gateways. Developers will have the flexibility to deploy games on blockchains which best facilitate their in-game economy, and make their assets universally transferable. Users can also benefit from the freedom of moving assets across different chains that best serve their purposes such as trading and storage.

Because cryptocurrencies are a non-regulated digital currency, they offer economic flexibility and the opportunity to execute transactions with various financial markets across the world. This highly secure currency offers an alternative to traditional banking and cash-based transactions, creating a host of added benefits to individuals, companies, and even Sri Lankan economies.

Cryptocurrencies offer all the advantages of traditional currencies with added security and unparalleled accessibility, making them ideally suited for Sri Lankan’s un-banked population.

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Cocos-BCX Sri Lankan Community

Written by Malith Ranaweers, Cocos-BCX Pioneer.

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